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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Everyone has a story. Who’s telling yours?

I remember as a child walking to school with my sister. We didn’t have a bus to catch and we only rode bikes for fun. We always walked to school.

Most houses we passed were vacant until sunset. Like us, their occupants were out operating their day. But one house was alive with fresh light. Its occupant was up and awake on his porch every morning. It seemed this elderly man jointly woke up his house and the world. As we watched him on his porch, we knew he had just brought in the dawn. At the moment of our view, he was resting on his porch after opening the day.

We didn’t know his name. But we always beamed a good morning to his wave and bright smile.

“Be the light that helps others see.” Anonymous

Everyone at school said he was an old man losing his wits. They said he scared them at Halloween. They walked a wide arc around his house as they peered at his lighted frame through their costume masks.

One morning, the man wasn’t on his porch. We missed seeing him the next morning as well. That Sunday our parents brought home his picture on a funeral brochure.

My sister and I stared at each other in panic, recognizing our loss. No more waving at the man who each morning brought up the sun.

As my sister and I mourned his absence, we read the brochure to soothe out grief. His life had been amazing. He was a teacher, an entertainer, an influencer, a husband and parent. It wasn’t so much the magnificence of his story as it was the human light and value it contained – the same light and value he’d shed on our walk to school.

Everyone has a story worth telling. Whatever the journey, its well-told story can strike the reader’s understanding. Your business has its own story. Customers too often see only the surface of an enterprise. But there’s a story behind every business benefit.

Who’s telling your business story? Where’s the brochure about bringing in your customers’ dawn? That story needs telling.

Thomas Petty's Digital Marketing Solutions (Thomas Petty's) drives customers to see the value of your business story. This digital marketing firm writes, images, videos, and showcases your enterprise story, syncing it with the benefits your products and services provide. Rather than strike a narrative, Thomas Petty's interlaces portions of your inspired truth into each marketing appeal.

Yes, we’re in business to create profit. The business that lasts is the business with revenue. But the revenue-building value of your business resides in the story of its life cycle. That story often gets lost within the business of doing business. This is where Thomas Petty's can enter your picture.

Customers begin to identify with why you’re there to provide their needs. Your sales improve because Thomas Petty's continuously phase in the stories that spark your products’ benefits.

Help people appreciate your business story. Let Thomas Petty's stimulate the telling.


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