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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

If you’re a step above millennial in age, remember when solar power became a reality?

From the time it was publicly visible in 2001, you’ve seen solar energy services sequentially and incrementally broadened into new eco-energy innovations.

Within a few months in 2001, Hawaii had a hybrid wind and solar energy system. You’d look away for a second. When you looked back, in late 2001 Santa Rita had installed the largest rooftop solar power system in the United States.

As you went about your business, by 2015 solar technology was quietly innovating solar panels as thin as paper with significantly higher watts and lower cost.

Technological innovations in solar energy show no signs of slowing down. Eco-friendly solutions continue to affordably expand commercial and residential services. High tech designs enhance the solar landscape, inserting refined valve technology for solar power generation, LED lighting to reduce power use, natural gas as a foundation for renewable energy, and AI technology to detail the structural build.

Wouldn’t it be great to find all these solutions in one operation?

Well, you can!

ClickToJam is one residential and commercial solar power provider who directs an eco-smart shift into advanced AI efficiency. ClickToJam delivers powerful advancements in ecology-friendly solar solutions to customers. The four services of Solar Energy, LED Technology Lighting, Natural Gas, and Smart Water Valves integrate under one roof to secure your long lasting solar needs.

ClickToJam’s market experience encompasses fitness centers, restaurants, dealerships, hospitals, resorts, family homes, casinos, condos, motels, hotels, and complexes.

Commercial/Residential, Affordable, Innovative, Advanced, Customer-Oriented, Community-Based

Learn more about ClickToJam for your solar power solutions. You’ll be glad you did.


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