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Updated: Jul 19, 2020

You probably remember running the roadways to search out business services.

Now, with pandemic restrictions, you surf the Internet and stress on getting the best results, then heat up your phone with multiple call redo's.

Even when you find a service, it doesn't address enough business needs ---take note and continue surfing ...

Stop the madness!

A One-Stop-Shop

BusinessSmarts Enterprises, LLC is a "one-stop-shop" for start-ups, small businesses, small nonprofits and LLC's. BusinessSmarts offers business loans and funding up to $100 million annually, business consultation, CPA services and completion of IRS 501c3 applications.

In addition to direct business sevices, this enterprise resource offers workshops, and consultations on business logos, media relations and website design.

An Experienced Service for Small Businesses

BusinessSmarts Enterprises, LLC was created to provide services to start-up

nonprofits. BusinessSmarts' owner, Carolyn McKenzie, mastered nonprofit development from "scratch".

Ms. McKenzie became a non-profit guru with her successful creation of national soccer programs. During her setup of non-profit soccer chapters, she devoted numerous hours to validating 501c3 agencies for IRS approval.

During the past 15 years, BusinessSmarts has evolved into a "one-stop-shop" to move your business into profit and efficiency. In addition to start-ups, small business, nonprofits and LLC business services, the agency has recently added business loans and funding of up to $100 million annually to its portfolio.

Contact Ms. McKenzie of BusinessSmarts, LLC at +1 404-322-7243.

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